Two Level Puzzle Parking (A2PS/PM/PB) :

This is a two level parking system where the platforms slide horizontally and vertically thereby making it easier to park and retrieve cars, without having to remove cars on the ground floor. The number of ground level slots can be a maximum of 6. One slot on the ground level needs to be kept empty.

Specification Table.:

Type Two Level Puzzle Parking
Models A2PS/A2PM/A2PB
Lifting Capacity 2000 Kg [Per Car Weight]
Lifting Time 35 -34 Seconds per Stack
Sliding Time 15 -20 Seconds per Platform
Operation Upper Stack lifting with Hydrulic Cylinder, Lower Stack sliding either side with motor chain mechanism. Integrated system with screen/Keybord operation.
Power Supply 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Power Consumption Up to 0.03 units per stack lifting and 0.01 units per sliding operation (approx).

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