Two Level Cantilever Stacker (A2CS/CM/CB) :

This is a two level parking system, where one car is parked on the ground level and one on the first level. This system has support pillars only on one side, which makes maneuverability on the site easier.

The car on the ground level will need to be moved out before parking /removing the car on the raised platform.

Specification Table.:

Model System Width(MM) Plateform Width(MM) Plateform Lenth (MM) Lower Car Hight (MAX) Lifting Mechanism Car Category
A2SS 2100 1900 4000 4000 Hydraulic/Motorized Small Cars
A2SM 2200 2000 4500 4500 Hydraulic/Motorized Mid Sized Sedans
A2SB 2400 2200 4800 4800 Hydraulic/Motorized Large Sedanns/SUV's

Note: Sizes can be varied as per client requirments and site conditions.

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