Puzzle Parking :

This system is designed in the form of matrix of rows and columns. Out of the total number of available spots, a certain number of spots are kept vacant to enable horizontal and vertical movement of remaining spots like a puzzle. The vehicles are parked on platforms. Lower level platforms are driven horizontally using a motor connected to traction. Upper level platforms are driven vertically using individual Hydraulic cylinders connected to each platform. One vacant space is used for shifting the ground floor parking spaces sideways, thus the platforms slide horizontally thereby making it to park and retrieve cars, without having to remove cars on the ground floor.

Specification Table.:

Model Full length(MM) Full width(rear view mirror excluded)(MM) Level Car Height(MM) Full Weight (Kg)
Type X 4400 1750 1450 1300
Type Z 4700 1800 1450 1500
Type D 5000 1850 1500 1700
Type D1 5200 1900 1500 2000
Type T 5300 1900 1500 2350

Note: Sizes can be varied as per client requirments and site conditions.

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